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Two countries, One video

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  • Category :¬†Videography
  • Date :¬†14 November 2016
  • Client :¬†Andela
  • Location : Nairobi, Kenya & Lagos, Nigeria


Over the course of October/November, #MannequinChallenge was taking over the internet on social media. The roots of the challenge being traced back to @thvtmelanin_¬†according to The¬†Kenyan¬†and Nigerian Andela team members took up on the challenge as well. Shooting was going to be the easy part…bringing it all together was the trick.

Working around the themes of ¬†“distributed teams“, the mannequin organizers¬†came up with the idea of transitioning through a Google Hangouts Video call session.


Initial plan was to shoot 30 seconds each per location. After doing the initial camera run, 30 seconds seemed quite short. When shooting for Kenya, the number of interested individuals multiplied and we had to extend the shoot location – and time went up by approx. 1 min 30+ seconds.

The Kenyan team did the shoot first with actors posing however they wanted except the pool table area and the transition actor (Joseph Muli). After shooting, we setup Joseph in a Google Hangouts setting, had him pose while referencing the first frame of the footage, took a screengrab and shared the clip with the Nigerian team to do shoot their clip next.


Working with¬†Mohini Ufeli¬†from Lagos, Nigeria, we made two cuts: The full cut¬†and a social media cut (30 seconds). The social media cut focused on distributed teams. Ladi¬†pointed out¬†we needed to indicate the locations from the transitions. Static text wasn’t going to work out and I learnt how to do text tracking.

Tracking in the extended cut was done frame by frame in Adobe Premiere (took ages) and the social media cut tracking was done in After Effects and linked the project back to Adobe Premiere.